Face Mask Exemptions

The Government guidance suggests there is no requirement for evidence for exemption. It should be sufficient for someone to declare that they are eligible for an exemption direct with the person questioning them (eg bus driver).

Practices are therefore not required to provide letters of support for those who fall under the list of exemptions, or to those who do not fall under the list of exemptions.



Important information about your Summary Care Record

Access to SCR information means that care in other settings is safer, reducing the risk of prescribing errors. It also helps avoid delays to urgent care.

At a minimum, the SCR holds important information about;

current medication

allergies and details of any previous bad reactions to medicines

the name, address, date of birth and NHS number of the patient

The patient can also choose to include additional information in the SCR, such as details of long-term conditions, significant medical history, or specific communications needs.

If you are registered with a GP practice in England your SCR is created automatically, unless you have opted out. 98% of practices are now using the system. You can talk to your practice about including additional information to do with long term conditions, care preferences or specific communications needs.

Single Point of Access

The North East Lincolnshire Single Point of Access: 01472 256256 is the number to ring for non-emergency health, social and mental health support in North East Lincolnshire.

What is the SPA? SPA is a team of qualified and unqualified staff from different professional backgrounds (including Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational therapists and Mental Health practitioners) with specialist local knowledge about the health, mental health and social care services available to you.

They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When to call the SPA:

• You need medical help fast but it’s not an emergency and your GP or surgery is closed

• You or a family member/friend need urgent social care support

•You have concerns about an adult who is vulnerable or may be being neglected or abused

• You are a carer and you need support to help you to care for someone

• You need support or advice about your mental health

• You need support getting out and about or getting around the house

• You need care or support to help you to be able to live at home

• You require information about a planned hospital discharge for a friend or family member How to contact the SPA:

• Ring: 01472 256256

• Facebook: What to expect when you ring the SPA: You will be given some options to choose from, this enables us to quickly divert your call to the person best able to help you. Then you will be asked some questions to help to clarify your query, after this, your query will be resolved or passed through for further specialist support.

You can also visit the website services 4 me at

The website is designed to offer you a one-stop directory of all adult social care, health care, wellbeing, voluntary and community services as well as related events and activities available in North East Lincolnshire. The website has been designed to meet the information and advice needs of the local community. We have worked closely with local members of the public, carers and expert patient groups. We have listened to people who need help and support services and what they have told us is really important to them. The services and events are provided by a wide range of local organisations, agencies and businesses, along with health information from the NHS choices site.

If you do not have easy access to the Internet, you will be able to log onto at your local library and many GP surgeries or resource centres, where online facilities are available. Members of staff will be able to help you, if you need it.


Would you like to improve access to your GP Practice and take greater control of your own health and wellbeing or that of someone you care for?

Using Patient Online gives you the ability to book and/or cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view some of your patient record held at your GP practice, including test results, and immunisation history 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 52 weeks of the year.

Do you or someone you care for have a condition that requires regular medication?

YES - then you can also take advantage of the Electronic Prescription Service.

Reduce the number of times you need to contact your GP practice even more by nominating a Pharmacy of your choice to where your repeat prescriptions will be sent electronically by your GP. This can be a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.


Don’t want to be held in a queue when you ring your practice to book/cancel an appointment or to ask for test results?

Don’t want to go to your GP practice every time to collect your repeat prescription.


No – Then contact your GP Practice who will explain how you can use these free of charge services or visit the website links as below:


Patient Online

Electronic Prescription Service


Alternatively if you already know how to use the internet, you can take a short course on how to start using GP services online at:

Bank Holiday May 2020

Important Patient Information
Access to GP Services

For any clinical care requirements during the hours above, please telephone 01472 255600. Service provision will take place at Cromwell Primary Care Centre.

If you have an urgent health need that is not an emergency, please dial free phone number 111. If you have a mental health or adult social care need please ring 01472 256256.


Online Prescriptions

To order a prescription online please click on the following link.


Please note you will need to see a member of reception for the  paperwork in order to register for this service. Please note we no longer take requests over the telephone.